At HMI Auto Care in Hackettstown, we know that in order to keep your car in good shape, it helps to know how it works. Here’s a quick rundown of a system that’s very important, but you take for granted until there’s a problem; your brakes.

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Our family has trusted HMI with our vehicles for over 15 years. Ray and his team are top-notch professionals. They have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair issues. HMI is also my go-to shop for routine maintenance on my vehicles. They are honest, hard-working individuals. I recommend HMI to everyone that is searching for an honest and reliable mechanic.

Transmission slippage can be caused by a variety of factors which are sometimes difficult to pin down. From HMI Auto Care in Hackettstown, NJ, here’s a rundown of the more common issues that may cause a transmission to slip.

An article about routine maintenance probably doesn’t sound like the most riveting read, but at HMI Auto Care in Hackettstown, NJ, proper maintenance is something we believe in wholeheartedly. Routine maintenance is the key to making a vehicle last for decades; if done correctly, your vehicle will stay reliable and enjoyable to drive, and you will save time and money in the process.

up close of transmission

If your transmission is slipping, what are your options? As you’ve seen, a variety of issues can cause a transmission to slip. Likewise, repairs differ widely depending on the issue. Our highly trained technicians at HMI Auto Care in Hackettstown, NJ can recommend your best options. Here are some steps you should take to make sure your repair is as simple and cost effective as possible.

brake pad

Do you need new brake pads? Most of the time, if you think you do, the answer is yes. While a lot of auto parts stores sell brake pads with lifetime warranties, don’t be misled...brake pads will still wear down.

Coolant in a vehicle

Coolant is vital to your engine. Without the right type, amount, and proper circulation of coolant, your engine won’t last long. How do you know when it’s time to check it or replace it? HMI Auto Care in Hackettstown, NJ has the answers.


Obviously, your brakes are essential. However, it’s easy to neglect or ignore brake issues, and even miss them altogether; as long as the car, truck, or SUV still stops, many people don’t see the need to have their brakes serviced. From HMI Auto Care in Hackettstown, here are some common brake issues, and why you should fix them.